THIS 150-YEAR-OLD BUR OAK TREE has been an essential part of the landscape for many people, for many years. For me, it was a natural beauty that I looked forward to seeing twice a day on my drive to and from work for the last 12 years.

On April 29, my drive to work changed forever. Trees were coming down at a rapid pace to make way for the completion of the new Highway 26. The worst part was I knew that my favorite tree was on the list and could not be saved.

I had learned through the news and talking with co-workers that I was not alone. Many people loved this same tree and were fighting to try and save it.

After three days of seeing more trees fall, I became inspired. I now had a great purpose for my collection of seasonal photos of this wonderful tree.

I’ve created the “Our Favorite Tree” poster for all of us that loved this tree. I know the sorrow you feel for seeing it cut down, along with the hundreds of other trees. Therefore, profits from the sale of this poster will go to the Jefferson and Rock County Parks Depts. to help replace the trees that we’ve lost.

All my best,
Tracy Hegg


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Complimentary wallpaper photos of “Our Favorite Tree.”
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